Katerina Tsitsa, choral music teacher and director

Katerina Tsitsa studied piano and graduated from Department of Music Studies at the Ionian University. She has many years of experience in teaching piano and in pre-school music education. She has been teaching at the Department of Music Studies at the Ionian University (subject of “Pianistic Practice”) while she was the permanent piano accompanist in the choir’s ensembles. She is a music teacher in secondary education and was responsible for the teaching and direction of the young choir “TAXIDEFTES” in Chios. Her compositions have been performed at the Municipal Theater of Corfu, the Third Radio Program, the Municipal Theater of Corfu and Serres, the Omireio Cultural Center of Chios, the Musical Schools of Chios, Mytilene, Lefkada, Larissa, the Benaki Museum and the Athens Concert Hall.

Her choir was awarded in 2012 by the Greek Choir House, and part of her work has been included in a collection of Greek composers (Nakas). He has published the book “2 Musical Stories” by the Kalentis publications and a choral cantata “The Dream of Christmas” by the publishing and music company Gaitanos – Ell. Kokonetsis. She participated with “TAXIDETES” choir in the Athens Festival (2016, “Georgios Souris NOW!”).