Educational Programmes

Workshops for child refugees

From its very beginning, the Chios Music Festival has included in its programming actions for child refugees, while from the beginning of 2021 it organises an educational music programme for child refugees on a permanent basis, in collaboration with METAdrasi’s Transit Accommodation Facility for unaccompanied minors and METAdrasi’s Non-Formal Education Centre in Chios, and the UNHCR.

Instruction: Andrianna Neamoniti

Warm thanks to

Dr. Johanna Michel, Dr. Hermann Schmidt al. Leo Philipp Schmidt, MVZ für interdisziplinäre Schmerztherapie, Valle Venia Art and Science, Jürgen und Antje Wibbeler, Lea Friederike Maikowski, Dr. Kurt Becker, Dr. Hedwig Kühn-Becker, Viola and Jürgen Hübner

for their valuable help.

In addition, as part of the European program Soundroutes / “Creative Europe” (2014 – 2020) Reda Zine will conduct a workshop for child refugees.


Greek traditional music workshops

The workshops that will take place in the context of the Chios Music Festival this summer in Volissos, will focus on the uniqueness and continuity of the Greek music cultural tradition, and its ability to reconstitute and recreate, drawing on the endless flow of its energy.

Through a cycle of five workshops, will be highlighted the inseparable relationship between song-music-dance, while the groups that will emerge under the guidance of the musicians will work on vocal, melodic and dance patterns, deconstructing and recomposing song, melody and movement.

The workshops in detail are the following:

Katerina Papadopoulou: singing
Kyriakos Tapakis: oud
George Kontogiannis: lyra
Stefanos Dorbarakis: qanun
Charitonas Charitonidis: dance
Vangelis Karipis: percussion


Masterclasses for the students of the Philharmonic of the Municipality of Chios

Members of the Ventus Ensemble (Dimitris Gkogas and Fanis Vernikos, trumpets | Giannis Gounaris, French horn | Spyros Vergis, trombone | George Boukaouris, percussion) and two members of the Ensemble 4.1 (Alexander Glücksmann, clarinet | Thomas Hoppe, piano) will give masterclasses to the students of the Philharmonic of the Municipality of Chios.