Are you a female hip hop artist ready to “make waves” on an international stage? Soundroutes invites you to showcase your talent and passion for hip hop in our upcoming contest, where you’ll have the opportunity to shine among peers and industry professionals. 

You can apply here until 30 September 2024. The results will be announced in October 2024. 


What We Offer: 

– Opportunities for collaboration and skill development 

– Access to an online course on the music industry. 

– Participation in international bootcamps. 

– Utilisation of a collaborative digital platform. 

– A 4-dates-tour in the four countries involved in the project for two exceptional women in hip hop, selected through an international call for artists. 

– The opportunity of being part of a collaborative music album including the artists involved in the project and their new creations. 


Who Should Apply: 

We’re on the lookout for talented female hip hop artists who bring a unique perspective to the scene. If you’re passionate about using your music as a platform for social justice and amplifying the voices of women in hip hop, we want to connect with you. Our mission extends beyond just music –we’re dedicated to fostering international collaboration, promoting audience development, and advocating for sustainability and social justice. Join us in shaping the future of hip hop and making a meaningful impact through your artistry. 


Why You Should Participate: 

Soundroutes offers a platform to bridge cultural divides, promote inclusion and provide a springboard for young talent. By participating, you’ll not only elevate your career but also contribute to vital conversations around social and climate justice, and gender equality. 


How to Apply: 

Submit your application here by 30 September 2024. Each applicant must fill in the online form with the name of the artist, the title of the song, a brief description/dossier, a complete artistic CV, two photographs, two video links, lyrics of the song with English translations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become part of a movement driving social impact through hip hop culture. Join Soundroutes in shaping the future of the hip hop industry and fostering a more inclusive society.


About Soundroutes: 

Building on the success of previous initiatives, Soundroutes is dedicated to empowering refugees, migrants and disadvantaged communities through the transformative power of music. Since its inception in 2016, Soundroutes has fostered collaboration among artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures, demonstrating hip hop’s ability to transcend cultural boundaries. 

Our latest project aims to harness hip hop’s universal appeal to achieve several objectives: from developing the professional and social skills of hip hop artists, particularly in disadvantaged contexts, to establishing a European network of hip hop artists committed to conveying messages of social and climate justice through their art. 



The following rules apply to the call for artists wishing to participate in the concerts/showcases that will take place as part of the Soundroutes project.



The call for artists will be open until 30 September 2024, including the closing date.

This call is aimed exclusively at women rappers living in Europe. 

Each application must fill in the online form including: 

– The name of the artist 

– Link to a song 

– A brief description of the song 

– Lyrics of the song 

– If not in English, translation of the lyrics 

– An artistic CV 

– Video link

Registration must be submitted using the FORM available on the website Incomplete or late forms will not be considered.



The winning artists will be chosen by a jury made up of four, selected from among the 4 partners of the project. The jurors names will be made public in the next few months. 



Each proposal will be judged on its originality, quality and viability. Attention will also be paid to ensuring that the final selection represents the greatest possible stylistic diversity. The lyrics of the songs should convey the social and civic messages of Sondroutes: anti-racism, respect for the environment, gender equality. 

The jury will not select more than one proposal from the same person. The selected proposals (maximum 2) will be published on Soundroutes’ and partners’ social media channels and by private communication with the winners.



The selected artists will be given the opportunity to present their repertoire in at least 2 locations where Soundroutes partners are based: Rome, Ghent, Seville, Chios Island. The artists will receive a fee of 500 euros per concert and all expenses will be covered. (accommodation, travel, dinner on the evening of the concert and technical requirements). 

By entering this contest, artists confirm that they own the rights to all material submitted and that they are available to perform in Europe. 

The selected artists authorise their performances to be video recorded and photographed for use by the organisation and the media present at the event. This material may be used to promote Soundroutes projects in various formats (web, publicity, printed programmes…) in this and future editions. 

Registration for this call for entries implies acceptance of its rules.