During the summer and the autumn of 2017, we accomplished the 1st Chios Music Festival, a life dream, which we’ve shared together with listeners, spectators, educators, students, as well as institutions of Chios.

We have experienced unforgettable memories, very intense artistic moments and a feeling of fulfilment, which gave us back the drive and the power to design its second year. So here we are again in order to involve a series of apparently “diverse” elements into a creative dialogue with each other: internationally acclaimed artists with musicians, students of the island and refugee children, Contemporary European music will be set on the same music sheets with Greek traditional music, distinguished classical and jazz music soloists will collaborate in new jazz musical forms, while, at last, the Mastic will utter its own musical – theatrical word…

Ιn this land, a new core of artistic, political and cultural exchange has now flashed and the new experiences are ready to succeed the old ones.

Olga Holdorff – Myriangou
Eleftherios Veniadis


“The Mastic Opera”

A revolt amidst the sea!

“Old photographs”

MEMENTO – orchestral experience