“The Mastic Opera” by Eleftherios Veniadis, directed by Alexandros Efklidis
Friday, 27 & Saturday, 28 July, 21:19 | Arrival time: 20:30

Primary School of Olympoi


The festival opens under the light of a fool moon with a new play dedicated to the mastic, that is for centuries the trademark product of Chios island. Having mastic as main inspiration, a diverse artistic group was formed on the occasion, comprised of distinguished Greek actors, internationally acclaimed soloists from abroad, musicians and choirs from Chios, as well as refugee children.

A play based on 5 of the 114 traditional songs from Chios, registered by French traveler Hubert Pernot, texts from the archive of the Koraes – Central public & historical library of Chios and fragments from the following books:
– “The Olympoi of Chios” by Nikolaos M. Volakis.
– “Konstantinos N. Kanellakis: The Autodidact Intellectual of Chios and his Multifaceted Contribution to the Culture of the Island” by Athina Zacharou Loutrari.
– “Ta Drimata”, a 2-act moral novel by Nikos Latousakis.
– K.G. Kariotakis’ first collection of poetry, entitled “The Pain of People and Things”.

Director: Alexandros Efklidis
Light Design: Melina Mascha


Actors: Syrmo Keke, Michalis Valasoglou, Spyros Markopoulos
Soprano: Angela Braun

Musicians: Ruth Velten, soprano sax & Silke Lange, accordion (members of LUX:NM contemporary music ensemble from Berlin | Vaggelis Papagiannis, tuba | Olga Holdorff-Myriangou, violin | Fotis Pezos, viola

Featuring also:
The Chios Music School Choir under the conduction of Michalis Pilavas, members of the youth choir Travellers and refugee children.
A production of the Chios Music Festival in collaboration with the Chios Mastiha Growers Association.


Tickets’ Prices: 10 euros / 5 euros (reduced)
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