Tuesday 06.08 & Wednesday 07.08

Manos Tsangaris: “Love and Diversity”

at 21:00 | Ottoman school in the Castle of Chios


Contemporary music theatre performance

Performed by the dissonArt ensemble
With the participation of actress Athina Alexopoulou



The internationally renowned artist Manos Tsangaris puts together a series of multiple choice questions, trying to explore the ritual of acquaintance between two strangers and the “mystery” of interpersonal relationships. Around this thematic axis, and based on the philosophy of speed dating, gradually unfolds-like the route from one “station” to the next- a show, which is in essence a new, innovative proposal for a modern music theatre, based on speech, music and the full utilisation of the surrounding area.


Due to the peculiarity of the space and the interactive nature of the performance, it is required to reserve seats.

Information, bookings at contact@chiosmusicfestival.gr and at +30 6987312334