Old age with a smile

Thallo is a pilot program of recreation for people who are hosted in the local Senior Care Units, having as its main aim the reinforcement of the recreation system for the elderly. It is an initiative by the seveneleven theater group and is being held with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. The initiative is based not on the passive but the active participation of the elderly. being Every encounter encourages creativity through art, while at the same time includes more activities, such as playing a selection of board games, long talks about subjects that the seniors choose themselves, role games, singing as well as activities that we were the first ones to introduce in Greece, such as the method of isolated audition and virtual reality.

In this way, the seniors are actively engaged to the procedure. A special emphasis is given to the personalized approach to the guests, the encouragement for creativity, while there a special activity addressed to the bedridden, a category of guests that keeps growing and its needs ought to be evaluated. The recreational model that we suggest and implement activates and provokes intense emotional reactions, removes the thought from the pain and reduces stress acting in a stress relieving way, contributing to the great struggle against depression. Moreover, it stimulates the concentration and helps memory, two of the basic mental functions. Through thallo, we attempt to improve the daily life of people at every Senior Care Unit, using an interactive recreational activity from which hundreds of people benefit every week.