Spyros Markopoulos, actor

Spyros Markopoulos was born in 1978 in Athens where he also grew up. He studied acting at the Greek Art Theater-Karolos Koun with Giorgos Lazanis, Mimis Kougioumtzis, Reni Pittaki, Katia Gerou and more.

He has collaborated with prominent directors, such as Mimis Kougioumtzis, Vassilis Nikolaidis, Dimitris Piatas, Thodoris Gonis, Spyros Evaggelatos, Lida Tasopoulou and others in works of Beckett, Xenopoulos, Lope de Vega, Iakovos Kampanellis, Jacques Audiberti, Carlo Goldoni, Euripides.

In the cinema and TV he counts collaborations with Giannis Veslemes, Pigi Dimitrakopoulou and Nikos Zapatinas. Since 2005 he lives in Berlin, where he collaborates with the Deutsche Oper Berlin, theTheater Verlängertes Wohnzimmer, the Acker Stadt Palast and the Ambulatorium Berlin.