Monday 31.07

Maria Tsakos Foundation, Chios Chora


19:00-20:00: Educational activity for children “Introduction to the magical world of classical music”

Moderated by Avgoustina Lykourina

The musicians who take part in the festival -all of them multiawarded and internationally distinguished artists- give a workshop addressed to children aged 6 to 12 that aims to introduce them to the magical world of classical music. In the course of the workshop, the musical instruments will “introduce themselves” to the children, giving them the opportunity to explore the particular sounds of each instrument, the stories behind them and to discover the perspectives that these instruments open to the musician that plays them. The workshop inaugurates a series of educational activities aiming to familiarize the children with classical music that will be concluded in November, in the winter season of the festival.

20:30: Opening of the solo photo exhibition by Andreas Knapp: “EL Sistema”, “MIAGI” & Co

Andreas Knapp is Sir Simon Rattle’ s personal consultant regarding the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra since 2002, while he has previously toured with great orchestras and popular music ensembles around the world. Next to being an organizer, he is also a photographer, whose restless glance observes everything that is happening on and back-stage. The photo exhibition “EL Sistema”, “MIAGI” & Co includes photos shot by Andreas Knapp between 2004 and 2017, where he observes through his photographic lens the musical education programs “EL Sistema” (Venezuela), “MIAGI” (South Africa), “Zukunft@BerlinPhilharmonie” and “hangarmusik” (Berlin). The common concept that connects these programs, despite their dissimilarities, is that the musical education and the participation into orchestras functions as a medium of social integration and development, where the feelings of “belonging” and social responsibility can grow.