Sunday 06 & Monday 07.08

Chios Mastic Museum, Pyrgi, at 21:19 (arriving time: 20:30-21:10)

“Banquet” A musical theatre performance by Eleftherios Veniadis

A big table, like the ones we all have in our memories, is set on stage by Eleftherios Veniadis for his new musical theatre performance. Around it, lay all those chats that take place over dessert but also all those thoughts that are just implicit. This feast evolves at times into an argument, the indifferent dialogues about the salt are being interrupted by a pompous toast, by a discussion with a political touch, by a dialogue that begins with a verse of Georgios Souris or a traditional Greek song and ends with a Facebook post. All these elements are transformed into a music theatre spectacle that brings a new music world into the spotlight, a world that balances between contemporary and melodic style, featuring language elements from the dialect of Chios.


Texts: Poetry of George Souris, Facebook posts by Markos Xydas and more.



Musicians: Demetrios Karamintzas, oboe / Olga Holdorff-Myriangou, violin / Leila Weber, viola / Martin Smith, cello

Soprano: Stelina Apostolopoulou

Youth Choir “Chios’ Travellers” and a group of musicians from Chios Music School

Choral Director: Katerina Tsitsa

Actors: Spyros Markopoulos, Nefeli Maistrali, Maria Moschouri

Set design: Vassia Christopoulou

Light design: Melina Mascha

Technical equipment: Pantelis Lykos

Directors: Sofia Simitzis, Eleftherios Veniadis