Sebastian Manz

The grandson of Russian violinist Boris Goldstein, clarinettist Sebastian Manz was born in Hannover, Germany. In 2008, he became widely known, after his success at the ARD international music competition, where he won not only the first prize in the clarinet category but also the audience prize. Along with his partner, Martin Klett on the piano, he also won first place at the German Music Competition. Manz has since become one of the most popular soloists of the new generation of German musicians. Since 2010 he has been participating in the SWR Symphony Orchestra in Stuttgart as a clarinet soloist.This year, Manz participates as a soloist in the Camerata Salzburg, as well as in other orchestras in Munich and Liechtenstein. He has performed in Hamburg and Amsterdam and has collaborated with major jazz musicians such as Sebastian Studnitzky, Herbert Schuch, Sarah Christian, Julian Steckel, and the Danish String Quartet.