Concert with traditional songs from Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean
Part A: Yasemi Vocal Quartet
Part B: Martha Mavroidi, Tasos Poulios, Sokratis Sinopoulos


Vigla of Pachi Open Air Theatre in Tigani, Sidirounta | at 20:30



In the first part, the Yasemi Vocal Quartet, consisting of musicians from the field of Greek traditional music, takes us to a trip to the musical traditions of Greece and the Balkans, using the voice as their only instrument. Singers and instrumentalists, at the same time, they transfer their experience from the techniques of the traditional instruments that they play, to the voice, which they use as a musical instrument with endless potential.

Yasemi Quartet: Eirini Derebei, Maria Melachrinou, Martha Mavroidi, Tasos Poulios


In the second part, three internationally renowned musicians collaborate for the first time on stage, presenting traditional songs of the Eastern Mediterranean but also their own original compositions. Being scholars at the same time, they start with familiar musical traditions that they combine with modern international currents and improvise by unifying the wider geographical area of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Martha Mavroidi, lafta, voice | Tasos Poulios, kanun | Sokratis Sinopoulos, lyra

Students of the Chios Music School participate in the concert.


The concert will stream live on the Festival’s Facebook page, on its YouTube channel and on the website