Dimitris Tsekouras

Dimitris Tsekouras was born in Athens. He grew up in a family environment with intense musical activity, as his father is a pianist-arranger and his mother a modern dance instructor. He started playing the piano and the violin as a preschooler. Growing up, he got in touch with Greek traditional instruments and later, in adolescence, he became involved with guitars and drums, eventually discovering his love for bass. Having reached the level of the classic violin at the higher degree, at the age of 20 he decided to leave the violin and work exclusively with double bass. With professor Tasos Kazaglis at the Athens Conservatoire, he received his diploma with top marks in four years. Along with the conservatory, he began to collaborate as a double bassist with ensembles from the field of traditional and world music, participating in numerous concerts in Greece and abroad, as well as in record productions and theatrical productions.