WED 9 AUG, 19:00

Courtyard of the Historic Central Public Library “Koraes” of Chios



On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the death of Constantine P. Cavafy, the Chios Music Festival in collaboration with the “Koraes” library will present in its courtyard a performative reading based on Michalis Pichler Myriangos’s book, POEM(S), released in November 2022 by Agra Publications. With the poem “The City” by C. P. Cavafy as a basic reference point, the Greek-Austrian creator composed the literary work POEM(S) by producing and presenting 44 variations of Cavafy’s poem, which invite for multiple comparative readings. The poems are dichotomised, doubled, mirrored, reversed, rotated and the narrations are made to work in similar ways for the viewer. The whole performance produces a chain of transformations, in which every concept dealt with in Pichler Myriangos’swork transforms and is transformed. The play will be presented musically and scenically by the local artistic community of Chios under the guidance of director Thanos Papadogiannis and composer Pavlos Katsivelis.

The performance will mark the opening of the exhibition POEM(S), and the launch of the Open Shelf Initiative for Publications as Artworks, in collaboration with the “Koraes” Library.

Michalis Pichler Myriangos: Author
Thanos Papadogiannis: Direction
Pavlos Katsivelis: Music composition
Participating students of the Chios Music School, under the supervision of Michalis Pilavas