MON 8 AUG, 21:00

Vigla of Pachi Open Air Theatre in Tigani, Sidirounta

The collaboration between the Chios Music Festival and DEO projects, which was launched last year and laid the foundations for an ongoing creative dialogue between visual arts and music, continues this year. This time, Sofia Sarri together with Petros Lampridis and George Kontogiannis will narrate musical stories from maritime migration routes, from Pontus and Crete to Scandinavia and North America, which speak of the human agony and fear of the power of the sea and its mythical creatures, the awe of nature and the sacred unknown. 

At the same time, the public sculpture-video projection Untitled by the Serapis Maritime group will be presented on Vigla of Pachi. For the first time, the stone “body” of the imposing watchtower is used in the present and transformed into a work of art. The video shows fire smoke in slow motion, a reminder of the optical telegraph, which was the medieval use of the watchtower. Serapis Maritime with this project, commissioned by DEO Projects, connect the coastal landscape of Chios with their own maritime themes and the aspects of the danger inherent in the sea.

Sofia Sarri, voice
Petros Lampridis, double bass
George Kontogiannis, lyra