SAT 10 FEB, 19:00 & 21.00

Homerion Cultural Centre

Ticket prices:
€10 general admission
€8 concessions




An innovative international artistic project by Ruben Zahra from Malta designed to connect children with artistic creation is coming to Chios as part of the winter edition of the Chios Music Festival. Through a five-day artistic workshop between the invited international artists and the students of Chios, the creativity of the children in the fields of visual arts, animation and music is incorporated into the performance, and they themselves contribute directly to the artistic result with their own images, movements, rhythms and language. 

The storyline of the work “KIRANA” is inspired by the myths and legends of eastern civilisations from China, India, Babylon and Mesopotamia, where scenes from this mythological musical journey will be brought to life through digital animations based on drawings and compositions by the children who participate in the artistic action. The music of the show is written for piano and percussion, and performed live by two professional musicians while the children complete the soundtrack with a series of musical improvisations.

With the participation of students from the Chios Music School, the 3rd Primary School of Chios and the Allegro School of Mina Batsakoutsa. The visual art creations are signed by the students of the Chios Music School (instruction: Maria-Melouzin Kasapidou), the 11th Primary School of Chios (instruction: Aggeliki Makri), and the NS painting and drawing workshops (instruction:  Nafsika Saliari).

Ruben Zahra: Music Composition, Direction
Trevor Zahra: Script
Mina Batsakoutsa, Vasso Martaki: Choreographies
Tricia Dawn Williams: Piano
George Boukaouris: Percussion
Matthew Pandolfino: Puppets, Shadow Theatre
Christopher Gatt: Technical Service