SAT 23 OCT, 21:00

Homerion Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Chios

The concert is postponed because of medical reasons. Every effort is made to find a new date for the concert as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

When the Arabic poetry meets contemporary jazz, the result is a special lyrical bond that leaves no one unmoved… This bond is musically “captured” by the band MASAA, evoking harmony as well as warmth.

With Lebanese-born Rabih Lahoud as a founding member and a name that refers to the nightly conversation when the rhythms slow down, the tension of the day is gone and the big truths are spoken, MASAA offers an exciting and highly atmospheric ethno-jazz experience.

The five albums that the group has recorded so far, Freedom Dance (2012), Afkar (2014), Outspoken (2017), Irade (2020), East West Symphony – Hiwar (2021) accurately represent this pioneering project, for which Masaa has received numerous awards, including the Bremer Jazzpreis (2012), the Creole audience award (2013), the Förder-RUTH of the Rudolstadt Festival (2015) and the German Jazz Award (2021) for best vocal album of the year.

Rabih Laoud, singer
Marcus Rust, trumpet
Reentiko Dirks, guitar
Demian Kappenstein, drums


The concert and workshops are part of the European program Soundroutes.