Ventus Ensemble

Ventus Ensemble was originally formed as a quintet (2005) by a group of musicians who have been friends since childhood, having the philharmonic marching bands of Corfu as a reference point. The members of the group are distinguished musicians, working side by side in Greece’s most important orchestras. In order to expand their repertoire they decided in 2012 to enrich the ensemble, bringing it to its current form.

Throughout these years, Ventus Ensemble has performed in festivals such as the TSSO Underground Festival in Thessaloniki, the Corfu Festival of Arts, the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, the Music Festival of KioniIthaca, in projects by the Onassis Cultural Centre and the Athens School of Fine Arts, while in collaboration with the Music Department of the Ionian University and “Mantzaros Philharmonic Society”,it took part in the organization and artistic direction of the 12th and 13th International Summer Music Academy that has been taking place in Corfu Island every summer since 2003.

The varied Ventus Ensemble repertoire features most of the chamber music masterpieces composed for wind ensemble, works by Greek composers of the National and Eptanisian Musical School, as well as commissions for new works. In May 2016 Ventus Ensemble released their debut recording by Decca Classics. The album includes Circular Argument, a suite for brass ensemble composed by Alexandros Livitsanos.