TUE 19 OCT, 21:00

Homerion Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Chios

Music theatre performance

Directed by Christian Filips

How are the mastic trees of Chios related to the oaks of Berlin? A first answer would be that they too –like all the trees in the world– sing the human passions, the anguish, the joys but also the truths of life. The former whisper traditional tunes of the island of Chios, the latter songs of Schubert and Mendelssohn from the romantic period.

For years, however, the people have stopped listening to the trees… And now that the climate change is no longer a threat, it is our generation that will embrace the trees and stand next to them to listen to everything that they have to say…

The music theatre performance “Singing Trees” does exactly that. It invites us to listen again to the forests, through the voices of children from all over the world, who speak about their favourite trees and the problems caused by deforestation, protest against the destruction of forests and sing beautiful songs about trees that come from the depths of time.

Berlin State and Cathedral Choir | Conductor: Kai Uwe Jirka
Chios Music School Choir | Conductor: Michalis Pilavas | Instruction: Michalis Pilavas, Faidra Giannelou
Child refugees from the annual educational programme of the Chios Music Festival | Instruction: Andrianna Neamoniti
Martin Ripper, flute | Annette Rheinfurth, double bass | Felix Hielscher, piano | Kai-Uwe Jirka, accordion | Olga Holdorff, violin

The annual educational music program for child refugees of Chios Music Festival is organised in collaboration with METAdrasi’s Non-Formal Education Centre in Chios & the UNHCR.