THU 5 AUG, 20:30

Karfas Beach

Ethnic-jazz concert as part of the Soundroutes European program

Traditional music from Mali and Central-West Africa intersects with improvisation, different tones and experimentation in an unusual duet. Pasquale Mirra, considered one of the greatest vibraphone players of the international music scene, and Kalifa Koné, a distinguished multi-instrumentalist from Mali who has collaborated with big names in the global ethnic music scene, create a dreamy atmosphere and a unique musical journey each time. In addition, after the concert, Kalifa Koné will remain on the island for a bit longer, in order to prepare, through a workshop, child refugees, for an event that is to follow.

Kalifa Koné, balafon and other African percussions
Pasquale Mirra, vibraphone